Welcome to our 2024 Season

Welcome to our 2024 Season

Welcome to our 2024 Season

Twenty-eight years ago Vicky Weis and I had the vision to create a business to grow unusual plants and to create, what we hoped would be, a great workplace. It's been a momentous year with Vicky’s retirement. For many of you, she was the face of this business. I encourage you to let us know what we can do to fill this gap. While change is always a challenge, I’m so impressed by the way our staff is stepping up to cover all the bases.


We are grateful for your partnership with us. We together help people create spaces for rest and rejuvenation. These are spaces where we are stopped by the beauty of a blossom, refreshed by a crisp cucumber and serenaded by the buzzing chorus of bumble bees. And every garden, even a single pot on a balcony, can inspire awe and give us a chance to feel part of something greater than ourselves, whether it's the web of life, creating habitat for the beings that share our yards or providing a nourishing resting point for migrating species or joining in the camaraderie of others. So many people proudly proclaim to be Gardeners!


At Rush Creek Growers, we are always looking for plants that will offer different ways to engage people with plants. We have a new selection of dye plants in our plant list this year. We continue our commitment to providing a diverse plant selection and relish getting to know each new plant.


This fall, of 2023 we have unveiled our new website. It will allow you to easily navigate for information about the plants we are growing. On it you’ll also find a digital version of the catalog and the order form. (register for a wholesale account)


We’re excited about some other improvements as well. We’ve got a good start on the construction of two new greenhouses. They’ll allow us to keep some plants inside that previously we felt compelled to move outside to help create more space. And we hope to have room to grow everything that you order. We’re also adding on to our shipping area to make hectic moments more manageable.


For the Rush Creek Growers,