Brugmansia 'Jean Pasco'

Angel's Trumpet

Our selection of Brugmansias will perform in stunning fashion even in our relatively short growing season. We have experimented with growing conditions in order to offer you plants that are sure to pique customer interest with their gorgeous and fragrant blooms. Providing ample root space is critical, hence the #2 pot. And they  need plenty of water. You can expect large plants at shipping, often with blooms starting to show. Due to the amount of space needed to grow these, we are limited in the number we can offer, so get your orders in for these fun, fragrant, and beautifully unique specimen plants. Do remember, all parts of these plants are toxic.

A very large ethereal trumpet of soft glowing butterscotch-yellow that changes to a soft yellow as the flower tapers. Jean Pasco has the largest flowers of our Brugmansias. #2 Pots

Partial Shade
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Large Annuals & Tropicals