Tomato 'Lillian's Yellow'

As if in a dream, Vicky heard something about this heirloom tomato drift into her brain while listening to Splendid Table re-runs late one evening. She couldn't remember the tomato's name nor that of the man who loved them so much, but was able to follow her dream and track down the story. Craig LeHoullier is the author of Epic Tomatoes and the tomato advisor to Seed Savors Exchange so his opinions have some weight to them, and his opinion is that "Lillian's would have to rank as the best-tasting large tomato I have ever eaten." Large canary yellow beefsteak fruits with smooth meaty texture grow on indeterminate potato leaf vines. Quite late for our climate at 90 days but should squeeze in under the wire. Lillian Bruce of Tennessee was the source of the seeds.

Plant Sub-Group
Edibles - 3½" Pots