Nicotiana langsdorffii

Langsdorff's Tobacco

We must've been feeling nostalgic, because here's another staff fave blast from the past. A different look from the large bells of N. alata 'Lime', here you get the chartreuse color in dozens of delicate 2" downturned tubular blooms with flared star shaped edges-- plus unexpected blue pollen--although you might have to get a bee's eye view to see it up inside the flower. Pollinated by hummingbirds, they lack the strong scent of some nicotiana cousins. Native to lowlands of Chile and Brazil, landsdorffii sports the usual large basal foliage of many nicotiana and puts out multiple stems covered in dangling blooms. An airy look for the middle or back of the border, also is a fun, unusual cut. Self seeds just enough to provide next year's stock.

Attracts Wildlife
Plant Sub-Group
Border Gems