Kohlrabi 'Kossak'

Sure those little spring kohlrabies are the first crunchy treat from the garden, but once you get 'em peeled, there's not much left to work with . And if they get overgrown, 'treat' quickly turns to 'tough'. Not so with the tasty and tender Kossak. Large storage kohlrabi like Superschmelz, Gigante and Czech Giant have been around for a while; Kossak is the first widely available hybrid of this type. Although they'll keep on growing, harvesting at 8-10" diameter is recommended. The flesh remains crisp and white up to at least cantaloupe size, but you will have to peel that skin. Stores well in fridge or root cellar, cut off as much as you need and the rest will stay crisp if well wrapped. Relish the mild flavor in salads, stir fries, curries, ferments, with dips...

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