Cabbage 'Deluxe Mix'

Make some room in your garden for three of our favorite larger cabbages. Lovely "Deadon Savoy" is a January King type will keep going in the autumn cold well down into the '20 and look SO good while doing it. Rich purple-red outer leaves protect mid-green interiors. It's Suzanne's new favorite. "Ruby Perfection" is a mid-late season round red cabbage with densely packed leaves that will hold in the field or store well in the root cellar if you need it to, but may quickly disappear into your salads, slaws and krauts. "Late Flat Dutch" is a classic heirloom fall drumhead (flattened) cabbage for storage and kraut making. The white interior equals high vitamin C content as well as a nice bright color for your kraut. These will get big! As in over 10 lb. apiece if given enough space and fertility. Better get out your jumbo fermentation crock.

Plant Sub-Group
Edibles - Jumbo 6 packs