Tyra G.

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Tyra G.

Specialty Annual Grower

More About Tyra

 Tyra’s many hats:  

Tyra can sometimes be found in the office ordering plants and planning for our Spring 4” program, baskets, and our Summer 5.5” program. In the early spring, when we are mostly sticking cuttings, Tyra manages the hydration tent. She works the transplanter and helps the flow of the production team. She pulls Specialty Annuals and Annual Grass orders during the shipping season. In summers she can be found watering and doing data entry. By fall she's working with the greenhouse-cleaning team, the construction crew and doing hot-bench assembly. She's also our resident “Great Stuff” applicator. 

Tyra's Rush Creek Grower's story:

The thing I love the most about working at RCG is the work-culture that has been cultivated here.  Everyday feels like a big family reunion, except we all like one another… and there’s no potato salad… and maybe we are all the black-sheep!  Like family, we (kindly) tease and goad each other, but also can easily find sympathy and compassion.  At our morning meetings we often listen to Gary tell us all about his dream from the night before, get animal updates from coworkers that have farm animals and pets, and it is a safe space to share any personal hardships as well as victories.  One example of the familial candor I think about was a walkie-talkie conversation between Jan and Vicky:  

Jan: Vicky?

Vicky: Jan, if you’re gonna ask me about my math again then I’m not talking to you anymore.

Jan: Ok.