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Suzanne Baker

Head Grower and President

More About Suzanne

Suzanne's many hats:

I’m the Headgrower, big picture planner, President, bill payer, cat shoulder carrier, problem solver.

Suzanne's Rush Creek Growers story:

It’s been a humbling experience to help create this workspace that is so gratifying in so many ways. Deep friendships have been formed. There really is a sense of family among our staff. It's a moving experience for me that such amazing people choose this place to invest their creativity, their HARD work, and their hours of toil. And, yes, there's magic in the sharing of the amazing plants and wildlife in our midst. One of the sweet things I’ve gotten to experience only happens in the middle of the night when I’ve been notified that something isn’t right. The temperature is too low in some greenhouse or I wake up and just have a feeling that something is amiss. So I head over to the greenhouse, usually through the cold, to be greeted warmly by the Cats who live here. They are such great company in such a lonely moment. These days it is June and Jack who greet me and “help” me rectify whatever the issue is. Years ago it was Frances and August who were my beloved companions through thick and thin. Always excited to see me. As if the more obscure the hour the more exciting it was. They follow me back and forth to grab tools or generators or whatever the occasion calls for. They are great company until I can return to my warm bed.