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Norma R.

Weekend Waterer

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Norma's many hats:

Norma has been with Rush Creek Growers for over twenty years and is now shifted from full time work to being our essential weekend waterer, transplanter, cat cuddler and our consulting ornithologist.

Norma's Rush Creek Growers story:

My most memorable RCG story comes from May 2013. The pansies were in bloom and we had moved them outside, as well as the lettuce and kale, with a frost blanket at night. I was pulling pansies almost every day, as I was the pack person.

Around the 10th of May it started snowing in the afternoon. It snowed and snowed and snowed. (This had been in the forecast, but I didn’t believe it) By the time it was done, we had about 14” of snow. The township and county had taken their plows off so nothing was plowed out the next day. Of course, I couldn’t get to work. It would have been a long slog.

The next day Suzanne came to get me, as my driveway was still not open. Two days later, we were shipping pansies. They were flattened but still blooming. I would take a shovel and shovel out where I thought each variety would be (Eli did the same with the lettuce and kale). I was very surprised when not a single one came back.