Melanie M.

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Melanie M.

Perennial Grower and Label Maker

More About Melanie

Mel’s many hats:

Mel has been at Rush Creek Growers for many years. She's our perennial grower, orderer, puller and inventory manager. She does all things tags from creating, ordering to managing. She is an incredibly fast cuttings sticker, and so does all our RCG home grown cuttings. She also provides us with her wonderful goat milk soaps and lotions. 

Mel's Rush Creek Growers story:

Rush Creek Growers is the greatest place to work! We are one big family that enjoys being together. Every morning we start with a meeting. Most days these meetings get sidetracked from work where we learn about Gary's latest dream, pets/farm animals and our families. During our break and lunch you never know what we will be discussing.  There have been many conversations about breeding animals.  Where to purchase a straw of semen and who to artificially inseminate our heifers or cows. Just the other day Jesse was telling us a story about the bull they were using to breed their beef cows. The bull was a young bull and was shorter than the cows. Of course Jesse had to demonstrate what the bull had to do to get the extra boost. If you happen to visit Rush Creek Growers you might stumble upon a bizarre story in the break room or on the planting line.