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Brianna C.

Greenhouse Production

More About Brianna

Brianna's many hats:

Bri can be found on the transplanting line in early spring. When order pulling season starts, she pulls orders where ever she is needed. She champions RCG recycling efforts. Her lively drawings can be found on our greenhouse doors. She occasionally takes a van for delivery.

Brianna's Rush Creek Growers story:

Walking into the greenhouse on a morning in early March, when the snow outside is still swirling, and feeling the soft caress of warm green-scented air on my face is the most delightful way to start garden season. The baby plants in their pots are a carpet of green that is a balm to the senses after months of seeing only shades of white, gray, and brown.

As the season progresses, the rapidly growing plants burst into bloom and the greenhouses become an astonishing array of colors, textures, and scent. Through a busy morning shipping plants I will always find myself stopped in my tracks for a moment to inhale and wonder at the incredible beauty and diversity that surrounds me.

Summer brings oppressive heat and humidity, and work at the greenhouse gets real. There is so much to be done, shipping plants, weeding in and around greenhouses, and watering, watering, watering! Still there is always time to observe a rare bird, pet a cat, or get treats for one of the dogs. 

Then suddenly, summer is over. For me it is time to go back to the University and draw while dreaming of flowers and next season's wonders.