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Amy Schneider

Sales and Production

More About Amy

Amy's many hats:

I started in the spring of 2014 and here are some of the types of “hats” I have come to find myself wearing – you might hear me on the phone ☏ or you might get an email from me. I could be found meeting with customers at a coffee shop to check out the new plants for the coming year. I can be found working with the crew on the transplanting line or sticking cuttings in the winter, or pulling orders on the veggie team in the spring. Sometimes I can be found distributing beneficial insects or planting banker pots. At times I will be spotted helping to build a new greenhouse or to replace plastic roofing.  I might spend some time wondering at the software program we use here. ;-P I also help with shipping, invoicing, Facebook, inventory, customer orders, new plant planning, the website, the collection of photos and organizing the catalog project!

Amy's Rush Creek Growers story: 

Instead of a single story or two, I will share a bunch of memorable moments. My top memorable moment thankfully occurs frequently, and that is when I hear the sound of co-workers laughing loudly, it’s such a joy. In no particular order - the day when we had to cut back the onions and several people teared up so badly, they had to stop. The time when we had a year end cookout and played croquet inside the newly built greenhouse, Frances. That one time with the bird mites… The 20th year surprise party staff put together for Vicky and Suzanne, the day we went to pick out baby kitten June, field trip! to look at the flooded Rush River, field trips! to the Arboretum, parks, staff gardens and prairies, the arrival of new tools like the flat filler, transplanter, sweeper, plug poppers, motorized gantry lift, pallet puller, pallet jack, naming the new greenhouses and equipment (yeah, the flat fillers and transplanter, sweeper and poppers have names, okay?)…the new inventory program sales pitch *insert eyeroll here*. When Jack the greenhouse kitty showed up, when co-workers brought spring flowers for the breakroom table or treats for break time, when Gary brought in finished quilts for show and tell, the “we did it!” hang time at the end of the Mother’s Day rush, visits from new born baby goats, visits from staff puppy dogs, radio announcements to come check out the wildlife: snakes, caterpillars, cranes, swans, swallows, moths, spiders, etc. Cute Jack and June sleepy poses or shenanigans, the scary scary wind storm from nowhere, the Ellsworth tornado that skipped past us ever so closely, mum planting days, the first week of sticking cuttings in the spring. I can’t wait for more. ;)