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About Us

Here at Rush Creek Growers, Inc. our mission is to grow a wide variety of great plants for the wholesale trade in the upper-Midwest. We are committed to the unusual. Great customer service including pre-booking of orders for future delivery, custom growing, weekly availability updates and a collaborative relationship with our customers is a priority. We've been in business since 1995 here in the lovely Rush River valley of west central Wisconsin. We value the creation of a good workplace for ourselves and our plant-savvy crew. Rush Creek Growers Inc. was started by Suzanne Baker and Vicky Weis.


  • 2016 Update on our Growing Methods
  • I'm pleased to report that once again, in 2015, we employed only certified organic products in our pest control endeavors. I don't anticipate any major changes in the coming year.
  • Soilless Mix: For the spring crop we'll be using the same coir based soilless mix. For next summer's crop however we'll be switching over to a Minnesota peat product that will have Sustane composted turkey manure incorporated as a slow release fertilizer. We've been experimenting with this mix for the past two years.
  • Pest Control: Our banker plant systems of pest control were highly successful this past summer. Pots of Purple Flash Pepper hosted Minute Pirate Bugs which feed on thrips. In the same pot an Asclepias c. Silky Gold lured the thrips to the predators. These bankers were placed throughout the range. Another banker system we used were pots of grain aphids that were raised in a predator free cage. Then on a weekly basis the aphids were placed around the greenhouse to make sure that our predatory wasps and midges had a steady supply of food. Besides beneficial insect we used some fungi in our insect control efforts. Met 52, Preferal, and Mycotrol are all fungi that were sprayed onto pest outbreaks. Under warm moist conditions the spores hatch and attack the pests. Once again, Steinernema feltiae nematodes were applied through the irrigation water on a regular basis to consume fungus gnat and thrips larvae.
  • Root Zone Colonization: One of the keys to the health of our plants is the attention focused on colonizing the root zones of all our plants with a wide array of microbes. Some products used are Rootshield and Actinovate. This year I'll be adding EM or Effective Micro-Organisms to the line-up.
  • Rainwater Harvesting: Finally found the right filter for the system of tanks that collect the rainwater and snow melt from some of our gutter connected greenhouses. It's a wine maker's fabric that is big enough to fit the tank opening but is simple to remove and clean. So often it's the small things in life….
  • -Suzanne, Head Grower
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