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Here at Rush Creek Growers, Inc. our mission is to grow a wide variety of great plants for the wholesale trade in the upper-Midwest. We are committed to the unusual. Great customer service including pre-booking of orders for future delivery, custom growing, weekly availability updates and a collaborative relationship with our customers is a priority. We've been in business since 1995 here in the lovely Rush River valley of west central Wisconsin. We value the creation of a good workplace for ourselves and our plant-savvy crew. Rush Creek Growers Inc. was started by Suzanne Baker and Vicky Weis.
Growing Methods for 2020-2021
We’ve been ever so grateful to have a supply of Sanidate 5.0 on hand. This OMRI certified cleaning solution kills viruses and doesn’t have to be rinsed before being foodsafe! We’ve been cleaning our workspace with it to help keep our pod of our staff safe.
We’re looking forward to adding one nice big greenhouse to our range this fall. One of the goals with this house is to keep some of the plants that we had moved outside in the past, that maybe weren’t so happy about it, indoors in a nice cool, bright growing area.
Growing without the use of chemical growth regulators is one thing that distinguishes our plants from most other growers. Keeping plants full but short in the pots can be achieved by other methods. We use light intensity by growing many varieties in houses with a single layer roof rather than a double layer one which blocks a lot more of the light. The high light intensity keeps the plants from having to reach for sunlight. Another technique is natural ventilation. Our houses are cooled with roll-up sidewalls. We open them up and let the wind and cool air sail in to create shorter sturdier stems. The premier technique though is known as DIF. By cooling the plants down quickly, early in the morning, we can create the condition whereby the nighttime temperature is warmer that the early daytime temperature. This difference is what controls the length of the plants stems and branches. This technique was discovered at our very own University of Minnesota.
Thanks for your continued support, Suzanne
Here's a summary of the products that may be used on our plants.

Sanitizing products
Greenshield: Used to wash used plug trays
GreenClean Pro: Wash all greenhouse surfaces-OMRI
GreenClean Acid Cleaner: flush all irrigation lines and hoses
Sanidate 5.0: flush all irrigation lines and hoses-OMRI
Zerotol: treat algae problems

Preventatives for diseases and insects
TeNet: applied to all plants to prevent diseases-OMRI-beneficial fungi
Actinovate: applied to all plants to prevent diseases-OMRI-beneficial fungi
MycoApply: Endomycorrhizal fungi applied to all plants-OMRI
Steinernema feltiae: nematode that feeds on fungus gnats and thrip larvae-applied to all plants
Steinernema carpcapsae: nematode that feeds on shore flies-applied to all plants

Beneficial Insects
Amblyseius cucumeris: mite that controls thrips
Amblyseius swirskii: mite that controls broad mites, spider mites, whiteflies
Phytoseiulus persimilis: mite that controls spider mites
Orius insidiosus: bug that eats adult thrips
Amblyseius fallacis: mite that controls broad mites and spider mites

Natures Source 10-4-3: fertilizer for all crops

Chemicals used when needed
NoFly: fungus that attacks insects-OMRI
BioCeres: fungus that attacks insects-OMRI
Azaguard: insect growth regulator-OMRI
Cease: microbe that kills fungi, bacteria including molds and mildews-OMRI
Milstop: potassium carbonate kills and prevents fungi-OMRI
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