Silene regia 'Royal Catchfly'

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Courtesy Missouri Botanical Garden Plant Finder

The beauty of this plant is the bright red tubular star-shaped flowers that draw in the pollinators. A late summer beauty especially grown en masse. Unassuming green lanceolate foliage sits opposite and alternates. The fascinating thing about this native is that it contains a stickiness (the Catchfly part) that small insects get caught in. It is related to some of the carnivorous natives. The plant enzymes breakdown the insects but don't absorb any nutrients from them. One thought is that the plant uses this mechanism to prevent those smaller insects from eating the foliage. *BLOOMS ALL SUMMER


4 feet


USDA Hardiness Zone 4

Characteristics & Attributes

Partial Shade
Attracts Wildlife
Bees and other pollinators
Plant Sub-Group
Perennial Natives
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